Terms & Conditions


Traffic Ticket - Offences:

Red Route Offences
 Any unpaid charge referred to CMT will be passed onto the hirer with a €20 admin fee added.

Bus Lane Offences
 Any unpaid charge referred to CMT will be passed onto the hirer with a €20 admin fee added.

Parking - Speeding Tickets
 The Hirer(s) agree(s) to take full responsibility for these while the vehicle is in their possession. The hirer’s details will be passed onto the appropriate authority.

Any traffic offence outside 
 Any charges referred to CMT will be passed onto the hirer with a €30 admin fee added.

Traffic Accidents
 Any accident involving a third party is to be notified immediately to CMT. Liability is not to be admitted or discussed with any third party. The hirer must provide the third party and/or any law enforcement officers with the driver’s details, the company’s name and address, and the company’s Insurance Policy Number. The hirer must take the third party’s details and pass them onto the company.

3. €500 Deposit
 The deposit is held/charged against the following:
 a) Regarding the hire vehicle: The first £500 of:
  • All loss, damage to bodywork, glass, interior, vehicle structure, fittings, spare wheel, supplied tools etc
  • Loss, damage to audio-visual- standard equipment
  • Tire damage (wear and tear excepted)
Regarding 3rd parties:
 The first £500 of all damage / injury to third parties and their vehicles
Late return of hired vehicle
 (see below)
Return of the vehicle in a condition requiring an unusual amount of cleaning/ valeting.

 In the event of a breakdown, the company will endeavour to offer assistance with the arrangements for vehicle repair, and will endeavour within reason and at its absolute discretion to provide a replacement vehicle if the hired vehicle is unusable for an extended period of time. The company’s financial liability shall extend only to a refund of vehicle hire fee for the time over which the vehicle is unusable. No liability whatsoever is accepted for consequential losses or inconvenience of any kind.

Breakdown cover
 All CMT vehicles are fully covered by Allianz Europe for use both within Austria and the rest of Europe. The hirer may be charged for inappropriate use of breakdown cover. Please check with our office if in doubt.

Incorrect Fuel
 The hired vehicle’s fuel type will be clearly marked. If in doubt please check with the company. The company will be entitled to charge the hirer all costs resulting from filling with inappropriate fuel.

Engine - Mechanical Damage
 The hirer will be responsible for all costs relating to the following: 

- Failure to maintain correct oil and water levels
- Incorrect fuel 
- Continuing to drive while there is an obvious problem

Travel Outside the EU
 The hirer is responsible for providing accessories that may be required by foreign countries, such as warning triangle, spare bulb kits etc. However, most of our vehicles do already have the necessary kit. Please check on collection.

Late Return
 The vehicle is due back at MSM by 10 am prompt on the return day, unless otherwise agreed. Late return may result in an extra day’s hire being charged.

Out-Of-Hours Return
 It may be possible to return the vehicle out of hours but ONLY if previously agreed, please check with the Transport Manager in advance of your return.