Book A Van

HOW TO BOOK A VAN  – To request a van, you can write us an email with all the necessary information and pay a €500 deposit which will be used to confirm the booking and against vehicle damages, see below. Please bear in mind we can´t confirm vans prior to receiving deposits. Driver-s must be 22 years old and have held a license for at least 2 years. A valid driving licence + passport or national id must be produced at the start of every hire (we will retain an electronic copy) for each driver. The deposit is required “as insurance against vehicle damage” and usually gets wired back within 3 working days of the safe return of the vehicle and full payment of the rental fee. Payments can be done upfront, halfway through or ’till the end upon prior arrangement. Once the total due is paid and the van inspected, the deposit will be wired back (please allow 24-48 hours)

CANCELATION POLICY – In the event of a booking being canceled within 14 days of the beginning of the proposed rental period, we reserve the right to charge 50% of the deposit. In the event of a booking being cancelled with no more than 48 hours notice, we reserve the right to charge 100% of the deposit

DELIVERY + COLLECTION – You can collect our vans in three different locations such as Innsbruck (Austria), Dortmund (Germany) and Prague (Czech Republic) or have them delivered to your door at an extra cost, which typically includes the driver’s fee (including PD and accomodation when applicable), fuel, tolls and return to the hq. You can have us collect the van at the end of the tour (see above) or you can drop it off yourself at any time before your hire is due to end, please let us know if you’re going to return early or late. Most hires typically end at 09.00 am on the morning following your last hire day but unless none of us is around, we can always adjust our schedules to your needs. Upon returning, please make sure the vehicle is clean, in perfect condition (fluids, body, tires, interiors) and with a full tank of diesel (there are several 24/7 gas stations within a 5km radius from our hqs).

OUT OF HOURS FACILITIES – No one is around when your tour is over to collect the van? No sweat! By June 2018, we will be able to offer out-of-hours key drop facilities with 24/7 CCTV secured parking in Innsbruck (Austria), Dortmund (Germany), Milan (Italy) and Prague (Czech Republic)

DAMAGE CHECK POLICY – Our vehicles get normally checked when you return them, however this is not always possible at busy times or in case of bad weather conditions. We will check them as soon as possible and will contact you if we find any new damage. If you return out-of-hours the vehicle will be checked as early as the following morning. If you know your vehicle has been damaged while out on hire please inform us as soon as possible. The upfront deposit we ask you to pay “against potential damages” will be then used in two different ways : 1) if the cost of repairs is under €500, we will fix the damage and wire you the balance  2) if the cost of repairs is over €500, we will keep the deposit and you cover the balance