Crooked Mile Tours  (named after a Planes Mistaken For Stars song off “Mercy“) is an independent van rental – tour support service based in Innsbruck, Austria. Conveniently located in the heart of the Alps, we are within day-reach of several international airports and very easy to access by car and public transportation. Officially launched at the end of 2016 but active under different monikers since 2002 (long before relocating to Austria), Crooked Mile Tours is a full time operation raised on steady diy work ethics, fueled by a huge love and respect for music and touring.

Like most of the people we gravitated around and connected with early on, we cut our teeth as diy local promoters in squats and youth centers at a very young age in the early 2000’s and with different duties, some of which later became an integral part of our job. As time went on and our network of contacts and bag of experience gradually expanded, we quickly moved on from weekly shows to monthly regional tours and from small national tours to european tours of various lengths and entities. In order to learn the basics from scratch and be directly involved rather than directing from behind a desk, countless days were spent on the road and put to good use in the years to come.

Fast forward to 2019 and drawing on almost two decades of daily experience in the music industry, we take pride in providing a great customer service at a reasonable price and specialize in supplying the most modern mercedes sprinters on the market and offering ad hoc touring solutions for bands and artists of all kinds