Crooked Mile Tours – European Van Rental Tour Support & Logistics

Welcome to Crooked Mile Tours, an independent van rental – tour support and logistics service from Innsbruck, Austria with partner branches in Germany, Italy and Czech Republic. Specifically created by musicians for musicians, we take pride in supplying top-notch splitter vans in different sizes and configurations (primarily Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit for their reliability and versatility), high-end vintage & modern backline equipment, superb merchandise and ad-hoc touring solutions to keep you safe and happy on the road. Eco-friendly, trustworthy, and always striving to improve through constant feedback and collaborations. From single intimate shows with tiny amps in tiny rooms to full tours with full gear and road crew. Our approach is simple and straightfoward with no loose ends. Are you planning on touring Europe but don´t know where to start? Get in touch, we´ll guide you through step by step and take care of everything.