We have a huge amount of gear available for hire and are always expanding. Happy to provide you with everything available on the market, from vintage to modern to suite the most diverse touring needs. Gear comes flightcased and gets cleaned, serviced and tested before and after every rental to ensure it is in perfect condition before you take it to the stage. In the unlikely event we don’t have what you request, no sweat – we’ll be able to give you a wide range of options to choose from.  Drop us a line to discuss your backline rental requirements, anytime – anyday!


We can supply all kinds of high quality merchandise in the brands, shapes, forms, designs and amounts you require. Pretty much any item that bands sell these days. To make sure you’re never running low nor carrying too much stock around, we are happy to arrange top-ups and coordinate delivery and shipping while on the road. Email us all the specifics, we’ll make sure everything is ready when the tour starts. If you’re unable to bring leftovers back home and wanna save on shipping, we offer free storage at our place and are happy to arrange alternatives whenever needed. Thoughts? Ideas? Get in touch


With many years of touring experience between us, we really appreciate how important building the right team around your tour is. Narrow cobblestone streets? Busy german highways? Roadsigns and police encounters in languages you are not familiar with? Technical issues at venues and festivals with PA and mixing boards you were not informed about? We have skilled and reliable tour managers, drivers, foh and road techs who, as a direct extension of the travelparty, will help you deal with the ins and outs of touring on a daily basis. Depending on your budget, they can be hired to pull single, double or triple duty at once.


Haven’t practiced in a while and feel like you need to get together one last time before you hit the road? We can arrange rehearsals in several european cities upon request. Hit us up and let us know you coordinates and availability


Have a long drive ahead, wanna split it in two but you’re on a tight budget and most hotels are either booked out or too expensive? Have a day off or two but nowhere to stay? Well, look no further. We’re delighted to provide low budget accommodation for touring bands and host up to 10 people at our Innsbruck’s heaquarter. Nice, clean, spacious and with a beautiful view over the old town and walking distance from all the sights. You are welcome to stop by, get some rest and enjoy our culinary treats in total relaxation. We’re available 24/7 – 7 days a week, don’t hesitate to hit us up and tell us know what you need